Science in sport


the biobike 5000 is the only tool in the world in fitting that accurately establishes the cycle rotation of right leg and left leg performances individually, because of its unique crank system.

The team consulted far and wide around the globe with friends and connections and it became very clear a system needed to be developed, which was dynamic in it’s operation, thus the Biobike was born. of course the Biobike has become more than just a bike fitting tool, it is a test machine, a workout tool, with many different applications.




  1. Maximizes performance and comfort with real-time fitting adjustments

  2. Works both legs simultaneously with PowerCranks™ training aide

  3. Duplicates all major riding styles: road, triathlon, track, MTB, touring

  4. Improves pedal stroke, coordination, endurance, efficiency

  5.  Measures power individually for each leg

  6. measures the cycle of wattage output on a 360° rotation

  7. can determine optimum crank length, seat height, seat setback, foot on the pedal adjustments.

  8. can measure the exact outcome of foot spaces and/or wedges in feet canting in real time watts improvement.

example of left and right leg torque graph

example of left and right leg power graph

BioBike 5000