John began cycling in Albury for the Lavington Cycling Club at the age of 14. John raced on and off in his teenage years and in his twenties, moving to the Gold Coast winning medals at State level and Queensland representative at National cycling championships. In his early thirties John began racing again, training with Col Stuart on the Gold Coast.

John always had the ambition to break the world Record in the 200m. In 1991 John traveled to the US where he was the first ZIPP test pilot. John used the best technology of the time with training, wind tunnel testing, altitude tents and strength training. John trained with Eddie B the Subaru-Montgomery team coach and ex-US Olympic coach using their ZIPP beam bike. John went on to break the Professional World record in the 200m in a time of 10.40sec. in Colorado Springs 1991.

Returning to Australia and training with Hilton Clarke to win numerous State and National medals over the next decade. Also racing in a few World Masters Championships have netted him 7 World titles, Sprint, Scratch race and the elusive Olympic sprint.

John began his Coaching and commercial bicycle fitting specific store to utilize his depth of knowledge in the industry. John found quickly that the bikes being sold to people, did not fit them properly this caused countless injuries and cost riders in performance and comfort. This started John making bikes to suit the people. With the quality of John’s service customers from other stores soon began to line up with their existing equipment to have their bikes fitted to them.

Some coaching achievements: Brigid Farrell; numerous State and National Titles. Scott McVilley; Australian Triathlon Champion. Ken Murley; World Triathlon Champion. Baden Cooke; Australian Criterium Champion.

John’s attention to detail combined with his in-depth cycling knowledge, trained with Stephen Pate World Professional Sprint Champion and 46 times National champion. He trained with Pate for 12 years and trained with Gary Shoots former US National coach. This combined with his close relationships with, Physiotherapists, sports doctors, podiatrists, body movement specialists and the esoteric world – and thousands of riders fitted since 1991 have given John the unrivaled depth of understanding required to fit someone properly on a bicycle.

John continues to research and seek things that will make cycling safer and more pleasurable and admits that he made mistakes early on, it was not until he had fitted more than a thousand riders he started to witness what most people will never understand. Understanding the marriage of the human being and a bicycle to achieve good balance, vision, breathing comfort and absolute confidence in all situations.

This is something sadly most will never feel because of the lack of knowledge in the fraternity in retail sales. The facts is most people walk into a shop and get sold a small medium or large bike. Last time I looked – that’s how they sell pizzas! Then after a day, week, month or year they develop problems. Some people have spent more at the physios than what the bike is worth and end up never riding again.

Our expertise is fitting bicycles to people.


Lavington 1974 - JuniorClub Champion Amateur

North-East Victoria 1975 - Pursuit Champions Professional

Wagga 1978 - Wheelrace Winner Professional

Lavington 1984 - Lavington Wheelrace Winner Proam

Queensland 1984 - Silver Medal State Championships, Sprint Amateur

Queensland 1985 - Bronze Medal 1000m Time Trial Amateur

Queensland 1985 - Bronze Medal Sprint Amateur

Adelaide 1989 - Teams Pursuit Australian championship Professional, Silver medal

San Diego USA – 1991 – World Masters Sprint Champion

San Diego USA – 1991 – World Masters Kieren Champion

San Diego USA 1991 - World Masters Point Score Bronze Medal

Colorado USA (out door) – 1991 – World Record 200m Sprint Professional (10.40 seconds)

Melbourne 1992-  Victorian Keiren Professional Championship

Melbourne 1992 – Victorian Sprint Champion Professional

Hamilton 1992 – Australian Sprint Champion 1600m Professional

Hamilton 1992 - Silver Medal Australian Sprint Championship Professional

Hamilton 1992 - Bronze Medal Australian Kieren Championship Professional

Melbourne 1993 - Silver Medal Victorian Sprint Championship Professional

Melbourne 1993 - Silver Medal Victorian Kieren Championship Professional

Melbourne 1994 – Victorian Elite Kieren Champion

Melbourne 1994 - Victorian Scratch Race Elite, Bronze Medal

Brisbane 1994 – World Masters Scratch Race Champion

Brisbane 1994 - World Masters Sprint, Silver Medal

Brisbane 1994 - World Masters Time Trial, Silver Medal

Melbourne 1994 – Australian Masters 500m Track Champion

Melbourne 1994 – Australian Masters Criterium Champion

Melbourne 2002 – World Masters Scratch Race Champion

Melbourne 2002 – State Elite Olympic Sprint Champion

Sydney 2007 – World Masters Olympic Team Sprint Champion

Sydney 2007 – World Masters Sprint Champion

Sydney 2007 – World Masters Scratch Race Champion

Sydney 2008 – World Masters Olympic Team Sprint Champion